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Drovingmate Kennels is situated on our property "Jimargil", south of Menindee on the Darling River, NSW, Australia. Here, with my wife Michelle, children James & Sarah, the dogs play a big part in our daily lives. Michelle and Sarah look after and socialise any Stumpy litters here, whilst James and myself work the dogs and break them in on Cattle in the paddock and yards, to do what they are bred to do, ie. Work Cattle. At "Jimargil" we try to help out all prospective Stumpy owners with the type of dog they are looking for.

Drovingmate Kennels are breeders of quality Red and Blue Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs with proven working ability in Outback Australia. Stumpies bred here at our Kennels have stamina, are guaranteed to work, and also have what it takes to compete alongside the best in the Show Ring.

The breeding program at Drovingmate Kennels to date, is a continuation of the lines set by the late Lorraine Baust of “Silverlock Kennels” Broken Hill, NSW. Drovingmate Kennels now runs both breeding prefixes, ‘Drovingmate’ & ‘Silverlock’.

Silverlock Stumpies are some of the first dogs to have had full registration on the Development Register in NSW and Drovingmate Kennels is proud to be able to keep the Silverlock lines and name alive. Most pups bred under these prefixes will only be sold on the Limited Register with the ANKC until such time when genetic testing from Genetic Technologies Limited has been completed to ensure that all pups sold on the Main Register for breeding are genetically sound and clear of prcd-PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy). This in turn will ultimately give prospective purchasers/breeders the best possible start with their future breeding program.

The ANKC Breed Standard for the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog can be found here.

Remember, the Stumpy has been a ‘DROVINGMATE’ since 1845, so please feel free to drop us a line, or give us a bell with any queries about our Stumpies or upcoming litters. Yep, ya haven’t really had a mate until you have had a "DROVINGMATE".

Stewart Oates.
December 2007

Welcome / Photo Gallery / Contact / Guestbook / Links
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